I’ve been feeling an ache to write for several months now. Whenever this ache comes on, I know three things about it: one, it comes on because I haven’t written in a while and need to again. Two, it will sometimes fade out, if I end up using another creative outlet (whether cooking, doing something artistic, or even having a creative/fantastic intellectual conversation with someone). Three, if it doesn’t fade, then I know I’ve really caught the bug. And this is the longest, most persistent, constant writing ache I’ve ever had.

The problem is, I’m incredibly, wildly, fearfully self-conscious about my writing. I love to do it, but it terrifies me to know that other people read it. And yet, at the same time, part of me is also terrified that no one will. In other words, I have a bit of a split personality. In other words, I’m a girl.

I’m terrified I’ll think I’m awful. I’m terrified other people will think I’m awful. And, worst of all, terrified that I’ll actually BE awful. But, as my dear friend Kylan continually says to me, “Lisa, you HAVE to let someone read it.” He’s right.

The reasons why he’s right will have to wait for another post. Meanwhile, here’s my inaugural one, on a new blog.

Happy trails to me.


3 thoughts on “Inaugural

  1. I think you’re awful…awfully good at writing that is! Sorry, that’s so something Vaughn would say! I’m really glad you’re blogging again to help keep me entertained on my sometimes very long stay-at-home-mom days.

  2. Hey, guess what? I’m a girl too. And I feel the exact same way about my writing.
    But guess what else? You, as a former Writing Fellow with a B.A. in English, have handfuls of professionals and pieces of paper to validate your creative (and by creative, I mean Divine. You taught me that once.) skill–even in the unlikely event that you come across someone who doesn’t appreciate it. FYI: I am not that person. And I think I’m going to side with the professionals on this one as I happen to love your writing almost as much as I love you. Which is saying quite a lot.

    …Which is why I’m so happy you’re starting a blog. Feel free to print posts out and send them to me on the mish. And by “feel free to”, I mean “please”.

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