11-month resolutions

All right. So….it’s January 31st. Which means that the average person has now had their New Year’s Resolutions in line for probably at least three weeks, perhaps more. And, well, I’m just now arriving at that party. Minus one really big, important resolution that I actually DID start on January 1st, I haven’t really made any concrete goals for the year. So, now that January is over, I’m going to tackle it. In my defense, I have had a major cold, a fever, strep throat, and my wisdom teeth out at varying times all in the past 25 days, so it hasn’t exactly like my body has been exhibiting top-of-the-line performance. But no more. I hereby embark on the course of self-improvement, and, like the lovely Shar, I figure that by posting some of my goals here, I’ll feel more accountable (read: guilted?) into completing them? Trying to trick myself into that, anyway, because really, aren’t goals about making ourselves better/happier people? I’m just all about pursuing happiness for my future self. Or something.

peanuts happy

I’ll write about the one resolution that I actually started on January 1st in another post. For now, here are a few goals for the remaining 11 months of 2013! These are the ones that I feel like I should have out there for others to see, since I anticipate that I’ll probably need encouragement with them.

1. Run a full marathon in late summer or fall! (And train slowly enough to not injure my gimpy knee during training…)

2. Run Wasatch Back Ragnar with my co-workers again and run the Pink Half Marathon with lotsa da ladies in my family!

3. Learn to crochet, and actually finish something that is more interesting than just a straight stitch, since that is all that I currently can crochet. 🙂

4. Write on my blog at least once a week from now until the 2nd week of March. (Lisette and Sharon, this one’s for you. I’m giving myself a deadline so I might actually have a shot at completing this one…)

5. Read at least three books per month.

6. Take at least one picture (for life documentation purposes) per week.

7. Carry a writing journal with me in my purse to jot down ideas whenever they come.

And finally, for Will’s sake…

8. Learn to shoot free throws…and make them.


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