A short list of things on which I am an expert.

There are a lot of things I’m not awesome at. But I always try to look on the bright side of things. So, here’s my list of things that this week I have learned that I am very, very good at.

  1. Taking a really long time to get into consistent habits of things I want to be good at; i.e., posting on my blog.
  2. Reading cookbooks whenever I am hungry and cannot eat for at least two more hours.
  3. Scattering bobby pins about the entire house. (My husband knows this, and he has tried to keep them in normal places, like the bathroom vanity. He was completely vindicated the other day when my little brother was over at our house and found a bobby pin on the kitchen shelf by the cookbooks…and said, “Oh, so you still have bobby pins everywhere, do you?” Yeah. Still do.)
  4. Making sure that my toes are always at least twenty degrees colder than the rest of my normal body temperature. Particularly whenever my husband is near, so he can yelp and run away from me at my approach.
  5. Accidentally hitting the open-the-trunk button on my car keys instead of the unlock button…and then driving several miles with the trunk lid waving in the breeze before I realize I did it again.
  6. Never checking the mail.
  7. Falling on my face during complicated yoga poses…and then pretending I meant to face plant. (Seriously, if anyone were to walk in my living room while I’m doing yoga, he/she’d likely laugh very hard.)


(This is not me.)


(This is me.)

Oh well. At least I know I’m good at all these things. Optimism is a good thing, right?


One thought on “A short list of things on which I am an expert.

  1. You are also good at being modestly self-deprecating!

    I recently read a book where the characters talked about their “superpowers” — unique talents they possessed, like always knowing who’s calling before checking the phone, or being able to untangle any piece of jewelry, or find lost keys. But I think it sometimes takes other people to see our own best qualities. You need a guest blogger to set the story straight!

    I can start:

    Lisa is awesome at being supportive. No matter how terrible you are at something (speaking as one who’s done some of those yoga poses with her–and done them worse!), she can make you think you’re doing just fine.

    She is also really good at connecting with people. She could probably have an interesting conversation with a tree stump.

    Anyone else? (Since Lisa will never invite someone onto her blog to talk about how great she is…)

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