guilty pleasures

Sometimes I am a little bit embarrassed by certain things that I have an unnatural affinity for. Like, you know those things that if they are accessible or in your immediate presence, you cannot, no matter how much willpower you believe you can muster from your inner soul, you just cannot resist these things? Or some of them might even be those things that you are a little bit embarrassed to be so obsessed with, but obsessed you are anyway? Yeah, those things.

Well, I’ve been noticing several of my guilty pleasures resurfacing with a vengeance lately. And clearly, either I’m not as embarrassed by them as I thought I was, since I’m blogging about them now, or else I have absolutely no self-respect. Whichever.

1. White Collar. One of my best friends introduced me to this show back when it was just getting started, and oh, my gosh, even though season 4 was kind of…eh…I don’t even care, because Matt Bomer in Armani suits and fedoras, because pretty much the best husband-wife relationship in all of TV ever, because art heists, and because New York City, hello. Obviously.



2. Fairytale YA novel retellings. I know they’re often tacky, sappy, poorly written, because everyone and their dog is doing them these days so they’re not usually super original anymore, but sometimes, I still really love a lot of them, like this or this or this. Sometimes, it’s nice to be sappy.

3. Keebler Grasshopper Cookies. These have been my purchased junk food of choice since I was eight. I deliberately avoid the cookie aisle and displays where Keebler cookies go on sale at the front of the store when I go grocery shopping, because if these are less than $2.50 a package, it’s REALLY hard not to buy them…(turns out you can buy them on Amazon! What?!?)


4. Fangirl-dom when it comes to Emma Thompson, Tom Hiddleston, Benedict Cumberbatch, or Jennifer Lawrence clips, interviews, Buzzfeed articles, etc., to say nothing of their films. Hi, I love all of you. Can we be best friends, please? (Ahem. Like this. Seriously, watch it.)

5. Elementary, Sherlock, and most other Sherlock Holmes things that pop culture appears to be obsessed with lately. Yes, I know everyone is on a Sherlock Holmes kick. Yes, I know it’s kind of goofy. And I don’t care, I like it anyway. (Plus, Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu was a GREAT idea, as was Holmes in New York, just in case you were wondering whether or not Elementary was any good. It is.)



6. Frankie Valli and Marvin Gaye. These don’t really need explanation, and I’m definitely not embarrassed about these guilty pleasures, but I’m pretty much on a serious oldies kick lately with these two starring (odd combo, I know), I listened the Marvin Gaye Pandora station the other day during a workout, and holy cow, Motown is fantastic to break a sweat to.

7. Gossip on the Oscars or the Olympics…yeah, pretty much anything here. I’m so excited for both of these, so yeah, I’m following more than many normal human beings.

Mmmhmm. Guilty pleasures, that maybe I don’t feel quite so guilty about after all.


One thought on “guilty pleasures

  1. I think we are such kindred spirits because the first 5 things on my guilty pleasure list are the same as yours except maybe more ice cream than grasshopper cookies (although if they are in my house, beware). No shame dear, no shame!

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